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Riviera Maya climate in January and December is coolest when normal highs hover around 83 degrees.

Normal temperatures that are low which happen mainly during the night, range from the high 60s into the cold weather to the low to mid 70s throughout the summer.

Seawater conditions frequently fall between your average highs and the average lows for air conditions.

That means the water is going to be comfortable for swimming most months regarding the year except for mornings throughout the cold temperatures.

Talking from experience, trade winds provides the wind chill factor down and may make winter swimming uncomfortable on some times through the winter.

Rain is a factor that is big the Riviera Maya area specially through the top months of the Caribbean hurricane period.

Total rainfall may achieve as high as 10 ins a thirty days in September and October and five inches or more in August and November.

The final number of times it rains hits 15 in September and October and 13 in August.

The months utilizing the lowest levels of rain are through April with less than three inches apiece january.

Most readily useful and Worst Days to Go
Top months to visit Riviera Maya are March and April for the mixture of warm conditions and low rainfall.
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Tulum is really a great spot to see and stay at in Mexico. Many people are mostly familiar with Cancun in Mexico, not enough individuals know about the beauty of Tulum. Situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, this town could be the place to go with the traveler that is adventurous by offering an ideal mix of tranquility, seclusion and adventure. Exploring the ruins, snorkeling, enjoying the beaches and visiting the character reserves are merely a few of the multiples activities you certainly can do in Tulum. Here are some regarding the features you might consider if you choose to spend some times in this beautiful Mayan that is old town simply south of Playa Del Carmen.

Mayan Ruins

First, Tulum is generally from the Mayan ruins, and for reasons. The famous Mayan ruins in Tulum are observed regarding the beachside and offer a view that is spectacular. The remains of the once big town that is mayan among the best-preserved seaside Maya websites and therefore are definitely a must-see for just about any traveler. Mayan are known for their remarkable architectural and cultural achievements. Some of the ruins are over 1400 years of age and are also impressively well preserved. One of the ruins, the "castillo", or the lighthouse, surrounds the town square and had been used to guard and watch for almost any approaching enemy. Tulum has been an worship that is important, therefore has its own altars, temples and shrines.

Cenotes Park

Of course, Mayan ruins are not every thing in Tulum. If you're enthusiastic about adventure, take to the concealed worlds of Cenotes Park, where you're getting experience cavern diving and snorkeling. You may have heard of the Hidden Worlds of Cenotes if you have seen the IMAX movie, "Journey into Amazing Caves", which was filmed here. The Cenotes provides you with amazing snorkeling or diving in fresh crystal clear waters. Swimming through the underground waters associated with the park, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, this experience will be phenomenal. Directed tours welcomes everyone, including beginners.